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Skid Shoe System

Recent skidding projects include three 1200 tonnes weight and one 850 tonnes weight container cranes.

The skidding system has the following features:

  • skid beams which can be fitted with either one, two or three 150tonne capacity jacks, each with a 14" stroke
  • the skid beams, each with a stainless steel base, work in steel guide tracks which also incorporate lugs for the operation of the "push/pull" system
  • "push/pull" horizontally mounted long stroking jacks which are used to move the load in either direction
  • a Teflon coated rubber pad system which is laid in the tracks and reduces friction loads to < 5%
  • the hydraulic jacks are usually combined to provide a "three point suspension"
  • the lift capacity is almost limitless - just add more skid track, beams and push/pulls


Roller guide and push/pull connection.

450 tonne capacity skid shoe.

Push/pull cylinder extended.
Pump and control unit.

Load distribution under skid track.

Equalizers blocked to avoid rotation.

Push/pull cylinder.


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