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Specializing in the transport and lifting of heavy and/or oversize structures
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Other Services

Ballast and Pump System Design

We specialize in the loadout and offload of large and heavy structures to/from barges and ships.  In the majority of cases we provide ballast calculations to ensure that the deck level of the barge or ship is maintained within the hydraulic stroke capacity of either our dollies or skid systems.  The ballast system compensates for the change of heel and or trim caused by the load moving on or off the marine equipment and tidal effects.  We typically work to Det Norske Veritas Offshore Rules for loadout.


Seafastening Design

Working to Det Norske Veritas Offshore Rules and ABS we design, fabricate and install seafastenings for modules, vessels and cranes.

Our work also involves detailed weight take-off and structural analysis of modules and cranes for marine transport, taking into account wind and wave forces occurring deep-sea.


Mooring Systems

We design and supply mooring systems to maintain barges in place during both loading and discharging operations.


Spreader Systems

We have the "in-house" ability to design custom spreaders to suite a client's requirements. We recently designed, under the watchful eyes of Bantrel/Bechtel engineers, all of the lifts for over 30 pipe-rack modules. Each module required lifting at specific points without imposing any lateral loads to their structure. We oversaw the construction and testing of the spreaders and successfully lifted and landed all of the modules using Seaspan's barge the Seaspan Forester, the largest barge of it's type in the world.


Marine Economic Studies

Our principals have decades of marine experience and have been involved with numerous deep-sea marine costing exercises and projects.  Studies have included moving ferries from Vancouver to the Great Lakes and Container Cranes all over the world.


Management and Labour Supply

We have provided both management and labour to ZPMC for the offloading of new container cranes at Deltaport and Vanterm, B.C. Canada


Launch Calculations

The Pacificat Ferries were launched from the deck of the floating dry-dock Seaspan Careen based on calculations provided by Sea Business engineers.  The vessels were loaded out and set on launch cradles designed and supplied by us.


Client List:

  • British Columbia Ferries Corp.
  • Catamaran Ferries Inc.
  • City of North Vancouver
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Island Tug & Barge Ltd.
  • Lassing & Dibben
  • Modular Bridge Construction Ltd.
  • Morris Mechanical
  • Perini Corporation
  • Ramsay Machine Works
  • SeaBulk Systems Ltd.
  • Seaspan Ltd.
  • Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Supreme Housemovers Ltd.
  • TSI - Deltaport and Vanterm
  • Vancouver Port Corp
  • Vancouver Shipyards Ltd.
  • West Shore Constructors Ltd.

Firms that we work with on proposals and engineering:

  • ABD Boat Building Ltd.
  • Alberni Engineering Ltd.
  • Allied Shipbuilders Ltd.
  • Amec/Coast Steel Ltd.
  • American Bridge/Surespan
  • Anglo-Canadian Shipping Company
  • Anvil Corporation
  • Bechtel Corp/Bantrel Ltd.
  • Brymark Installations Group
  • Buckland and Taylor Ltd.
  • CMC Engineering and Management Limited
  • Canadian Dewatering Ltd.
  • Canron Construction Corp. West
  • Con-Force Structures Ltd.
  • Crowley Maritime, Wa
  • Ebco Industries ltd.
  • Emmert International, Oregon
  • Foss Maritime, Wa
  • Fraser River Port Authority
  • Fraser Surrey Docks/Pacific Rim Stevedoring
  • The Gisborne Group
  • Gwil Industries Ltd.
  • Ideal Welders Ltd.
  • International Marine Consultants Ltd.
  • JJM Group Ltd.
  • Jensen Maritime Consultants Inc.
  • KWH Constructors Corp.
  • Lafarge Canada
  • Lastra, Holland
  • Ledcor Industries Ltd.
  • Lockerbie & Hole Ltd.
  • Marcon Metal Fabricators Ltd.
  • Marine Design Associates Ltd.
  • Megatech Engineering Ltd.
  • Merit Consultants Ltd.
  • Nanaimo Shipyards Ltd.
  • Northern Transport Company Limited
  • Pacific Rim Shipyards, Ltd.
  • Point Hope Shipyards Ltd.
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers Ltd.
  • Rivtow Ltd.
  • Robert Allen Ltd.
  • Sandwell Engineering Inc.
  • Sea-Link Marine Services Ltd.
  • Spantec Constructors Ltd.
  • Sterling Crane Ltd.
  • The Salvage Association
  • Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd.
  • Vancouver Port Authority
  • Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd.
  • Washington Marine Group
  • Westmar Consultants Inc.
  • World Fabricators Ltd.
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