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Latest Projects

Esquimalt Gates Delivered To Point Hope Shipyard

Sea Business was contracted to move two old floating Esquimalt Gates from Esquimalt Harbour to Point Hope Shipyard. The project included designing and supplying a support system of Unifloats to reduce draft for the transit through Victoria Harbour and the Johnson Street Channel. The Unifloats were then used as “floating jacks” to further reduce the draft so that the gates could move ashore on the PHS marine railway for scrapping.

Equimalt Barge
Gate, supported by Unifloats, passing thro' Victoria Harbour

Installing Unifloats at Esquimalt
  Point Hope Shipyard
Gate on turntable at Point Hope Shipyard

Shiploader For Kinder Morgan

Sea Business was contracted to Ramsay Machine Works Ltd. to transport a new 650 tonne weight shiploader from Sidney to the North Vancouver Terminal of Kinder Morgan The contract included the supply of a custom designed and supplied transport frame and heavy lift Ro-Ro equipment plus the tug and barge. The barge was outfitted with a ballast system to control the barge against trim moments set up during the loading and offloading and to counter the tides.

The shiploader approaching Sidney Airport prior to a night move through the airport.
Kinder Morgan Weight Distribution
Extensive load distribution at the Kinder Morgan Dock
Tug and barge in transit.


Loadout/Offload Of Two Container Cranes

Sea Business was contracted to loadout and off load two 1200 tonne weight container cranes from Colon, Panama to Manzanillo, Mexico

Dock Cranes Manzanillo Mexico
Arrival and unloading of the Cranes 5 and 6 in Manzanillo, Mexico
Panama Crane
Skid shoes used for
jacking the crane up

Night loadout
Night loadout across skid bridges.


Sea Business Designed a lowering and raising system for the removal and replacement of a generator for HMCS Algonquin at Esquimalt Graving Dock.

HMCS Algonquin Generator removal
Generator Port Side
End view showing 30 ton capacity chain-falls as section is lowered onto machine skates.

Sea Business contracted with DP World to relocate an STS Crane at their Centerm Terminal, Vancouver. Skid shoes were used under the land-side legs and Ro-Ro transporters under the water-side legs.

Dollies under trucks
Water-side arrangement of transporters
Skid Shoes under trucks
Land - side arrangement of skid shoes


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